Oriol Balaguer


Grand Prix au Chef Pâtisser 2018

Best Artisan Panettone in Spain 2017

Best Artisan Butter Croissant in Spain 2014

Best Pastry Chef in Spain 2008

Best Gastronomy Shop in Madrid 2008

Award for Professional of the Year 2006

Best Gastronomy Website in Spain 2005

Best Pastry Chef in Catalonia 2003

Best Dessert in the World 2001

Best Book in the World 2000

Best Spanish Restaurant Pastry Chef 1997

Best Dessert in Spain 1997

M.M.A.P.E. 93 Best Spanish Handmade Pastry Master 1993





The Essence of Oriol Balaguer


Dessert Cuisine

Best Book in the World 2000  

Dessert Cuisine by Oriol Balaguer

100 recipes of the Dessert Cuisine.  

From workshop pastry to kitchen pastry.




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Our Boutiques

Oriol Balaguer's boutiques are unique spaces where we present our creations each day with the single goal of achieving excellence and always on the basis of using top quality raw ingredients.


We strive to thrill our customers, which is why we combine maximum flavour and texture with finely honed traditional and contemporary techniques.











The Oriol Balaguer OBsession

OBsession, edited by Vilbo Group, is a comprehensive project covering a range of his creations that shows the versatility of this great master.


The Essence of Oriol Balaguer introduces us into the world of art and sweet cuisine.


Through this video we discover the true essence of one of the best professional of sweet cuisine, who breaks the established limits and takes us to a world of sensations and feelings for tasting.

This video has been made by Bardolet & Co.

Bake It Simple

The new book of Oriol Balaguer


Planeta Gastro presents "Bake It Simple" easy pastry recipes by Oriol Balaguer to prepare at home.


A new book with 60 recipes for all audiences, which encourages you to practice sweet cuisine with traditional proposals.


Basic manual to learn how to make, handcrafted, cakes and pies, pastries, crepes and waffles, bread, products without sugar and other specialties, such as the famous croissant recipe by Oriol Balaguer, awarded Best Croissant of Spain 2014.




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TEL:  +34 915 159 510